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The Girls Foundation of Tanzania


We partner with several local elementary schools to select the most promising girls and the most vulnerable who have graduated among the top of their class in primary school. Get to know some of the amazing girls and young women we've had the privilege to sponsor below.




Home and Family

47% of our girls have lost one or both parents
70% do not have siblings who have attended secondary school
60%  do not have parents who completed secondary school

 47% of  our girls come from rural areas
53% of their homes had no electricity
83% of their homes had no running water
87% did not have their own space at home, like a bedroom or study 

Family life is often difficult for Tanzanian girls — even in the most loving families, education levels remain low and single parent families are common, in fact:


Health and Education

Even when girls show intelligence and initiative, their success at school and their overall health is affected by a range of challenging external factors, including:

93% of girls had difficulty paying primary school fees
7% of girls had access to a computer at home
100% had to do over 2 hours of chores per day in primary school

Only 13% of girls could visit a doctor regularly
60% went to sleep without enough food during primary school
87% didn't have someone in their family to speak to them about reproductive health.

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