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Age: 20

Birthday: February 2, 2002

Home: Babati

School: Wari High School, Form 5 (grade 12)


Lydia has always aspired to be a doctor. She graduated as the top student from secondary school and was awarded the school’s leadership award. On the Form 4 National Examinations, Lydia scored a perfect score and is ranked in the top 10% in the nation. She has been elected as President of her class in high school.     

Lydia is naturally quiet; preferring to be an astute observer of what is going on around her. She is super friendly once engaged, and during workshops is animated and outspoken.

Lydia flourished during her Gap Year.  For the Peer to Peer trainings on sexual health, Gap girls travelled to 11 schools and trained 4,683 girls and boys. The Gap girls were nervous and worried about speaking in front of crowds of 300+ students. Lydia wrote of this experience:

"We were excited to go on this road trip to Karatu and stay at a hostel. For some of us this was our first time spending a night at a hostel. During the 4-hour drive, we enjoyed seeing places we had only heard about such as Lake Manyara…. While exercising with our self-defense coach and practicing sport games, we asked ourselves what life skills were we learning from the games and how could we use the games to teach and deliver our presentations in SHR, menstruation, HIV and Covid-19? These trainings gave us an opportunity to share what we’ve learned. We gained confidence and felt proud to be part of a team and members of TGFT community.”

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