Age: 19

Birthday: February 2, 2002

Home: Babati

School: Gap Year Program at The Girls Center, graduate of secondary school


Lydia is naturally quiet; preferring to be an astute observer of what is going around her. She listens carefully and is a quick learner. She is super friendly once engaged, and during workshops is animated and outspoken. Lydia graduated from O Levels from Henry Gogarty as the number one student in her class. She also served as the Academic school leader.  On the National Form 4 Examinations, Lydia scored a perfect score!


Lydia lives with her mother and 2 siblings in a house her father built. Her father was a secondary school teacher before he died from heart failure when she was 10 years old. When Lydia’s father was sick, Lydia’s aunt paid her school fees for primary school. When her aunt could no longer pay these fees, the headmaster at the primary school reduced Lydia’s school fees as she was the top student in her class. When her father was terminally ill, her father encouraged Lydia’s mother to attend nursing school. Now she works as a nurse’s assistant at a government hospital. She also has a large garden to support her children.


Lydia likes sports and is an enthusiastic volleyball player. She loves Math, Science and wants to study medicine.