Age: 17

Birthday: August 1, 2002

Home: Sakina, Arusha

Secondary School: Henry Gogarty Girls Secondary School, Form 4 (grade 11)


Laurine stays with her mother, father, and younger sister, Laura, in Arusha, about 10 minutes from the Girls’ Center. Her mother is paralyzed and works as a seamstress for a company called Shanga, which employs disabled Tanzainans in craft-making work. Her father is a gardener, but often his work is inconsistent. At home, Laurine assists her mother with many of the house chores such as cooking, cleaning, clothes washing, bathing Laura, and caring for Laura. Laurine and Laura have an adorable bond such that Laura starts to cry whenever Laurine leaves her sight. The family’s home is a single room with very little space, so when Laurine is home, she must sleep in the home of a family friend, walking there each night and back again in the mornings.


Laurine is delightful at the Girls Center. She is extremely hard working and often spends her free evenings studying while the other girls relax or play games. With strangers she is articulate and unafraid. Her dimples light up her smile, which is sure to melt anyone’s heart. Her English skills are strong and her debating skills stronger. When called upon to speak, Laurine’s English is fabulous and her arguments are nuanced. She aspires to be a lawyer where her industrious work ethic and oratory skills are sure to serve her well.