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Age: 20                                           

Birthday: February 18, 2002

Home Place: Kwa Shabani

School: Wari High School, Form 5 (grade 12)


Happiness graduated from secondary school, ranking in the top 7% of her class and is the first in her family to graduate from secondary school and the first to attend high school. At Wari High School she was elected as Minister of Social Activities and Sports. She is engaging and overwhelmingly curious. She can’t help asking questions all the time. She has a sweet disposition which compliments her intellectual excitement. She wants to become a gynecologist.


Happy doesn’t know if her mother is alive or not. When Happy was 9 years old, her mother became ill and her father didn’t seek any medical treatment for her. Happy’s mother left to return to her family in Morogoro, leaving Happy and her 2 younger sisters to live with their father. He has since remarried and now has two sons. Happy and her sisters live with their father, stepmother and 2 brothers in one room. Her father has been out of work for as long as she can remember. Her stepmother mends plastic flip-flops.


During the 3-month COVID-19 Enrichment Program at The Girls Center, Happy was excited about making liquid soap.


With hand sanitizer we used glycerin, distilled water, hydrogen peroxide and ethanol. It really increased my knowledge and made me to think of it as my own business idea. It also made me understand that not only industry could make soap but also soap could be made at home.

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