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we can make a difference
one girl at a time

donate today

Make a donation via PayPal to change the life of a girl or young woman in Tanzania.

Send a check to:
PO Box 11224
Portland, Maine, 04104

If you would like to wire a donation to The Girls Foundation of Tanzania, or have any other questions,
please contact Jerusha Murray at or call us on (207) 775-7200.



Your donation will support our students’ education and our
programs in our community.

sponsoring students
where does your donation go?

The girls we support are selected by their school communities as being the most in need and who demonstrate excellent academic performance, intellectual curiosity, ambition and spark.

Hover or click on the image below to learn how your donation helps girls and young women attend school and achieve their dreams.

provides school fees for one year at a secondary boarding school for one girl 

provides transportation for one girl to and from school for the academic year

provides a year of textbooks and workbooks for one girl

provides school fees for one girl for one semester at secondary boarding 

provides school uniforms and all other clothing items for one girl for the academic year

provides a year of textbooks and workbooks for one girl


provides a year’s worth of paper, ruler, compass, pens/pencils, calculator for one girl

provides hygiene items for one girl for the academic year (soaps, sanitary pads, toilet paper, toothbrush, etc)

provides a mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels to one girl

provides one girl with her yearly check up at a clinic

Get to know the amazing young women of TGFT

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