Age: 20

Birthday: January 15, 2000

Home: Njiro

School: Lugalo Secondary School, Form 6 (grade 13)

Form 2 National Exam Results:  5.00 GPA Distinction


Hellen’s family stays in Njiro, a community on the edge of Arusha. Her father used to do construction work, which paid for Hellen’s primary school fees, but he was paralyzed when Hellen was in Standard 4. From that point forth, the family could no longer afford the primary school fees but the headmaster saw the situation and kindly let Hellen stay on for free.


At the Girls’ Center, Hellen is demure and exudes a kind spirit. She enjoys studying and consistently works hard to revise her subjects. Otherwise, she can be found spending time with her good friend Upendo. When in conversation she is quite diplomatic and speaks confidently, asking questions and making the listener feel at ease with her gentle laugh and wide smile. Despite her quiet nature, she can take charge and lead the group confidently when called upon or compelled to, speaking in front of others in a way that is almost regal.


In school, she enjoys science subjects and does extremely well. Hellen has been in the top 10 of her class throughout her secondary education to date. She aspires to be a pediatrician.