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Age: 22

Birthday: January 15, 2000

Home: Njiro

School: Moshi University, Accounting & Taxation, 2nd year


Hellen is demure and exudes a kind spirit. When in conversation she is quite diplomatic and speaks confidently, asking questions and making the listener feel at ease with her gentle laugh and wide smile. Despite her quiet nature, she can take charge and lead the group confidently when called upon or compelled to, speaking in front of others in a way that is almost regal.


Hellen loves numbers and understands that numbers tell a story. She wants to be a tax accountant because she understands that tax laws are always changing and clients will need to be informed. Hellen gained practical experience during her internship at Washington Auditing and Accounting company in October. Hellen writes about this: “I have been able to convert the theoretical learning into practical. At the universities, we are learning to gain knowledge with nowhere to apply them. So, interning helps to put what you have in your head into practical examples. At Washington Company, there were some lessons which we were not taught at school. So, for me being there it was a good chance to be aware of new concepts. And there were some of the things which I wasn’t good at when I was at school such as the “double entry for expenses and revenue”. For now, I am good at it.”


Hellen lives with her parents and younger brother. When Hellen was in Standard 4 (grade 4) her father had a stroke, which left him paralyzed. Her father is a Maasai pastoralist and her mother washes clothes and does housework for neighbors.

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