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Age: 19
Birthday:  August 26, 2002
Home: Karatu
School: Nganza High School, Form 6 (grade 13)


Veronica currently stays with her aunt outside Karatu. Her father passed away when she was young and her mother stays in Haydom, about 4 hours southwest of Arusha. Her aunt is a headmistress at a primary school and helped Veronica through English-medium primary school for Standard 5-7. Prior to that Veronica was living with an elderly relative and attending government school.


Veronica is sharp and curious. In conversation she can be shy to speak at first, but when she does her smile and laugh come beautifully easily. Veronica is extremely playful and loves a sarcastic joke, which she can pull off with a perfect straight face before breaking into a smile. She is very close with the other two girls of her same age, Laurine and Esther, and the three of them can often be found studying together or doing puzzles.


In school Veronica most enjoys mathematics and she is extremely good at it too. She grasps new concepts almost immediately and has a great intuition for numbers. She aspires to be a pilot or aeronautics engineer. 

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