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Our Model

the girls foundation of tanzania
our model

Student Selection

student selection

We partner with several local elementary schools to select the most promising girls and the most vulnerable who have graduated among the top of their class in primary school.


Candidates are recommended to us by the Headmistress or Head Teacher of their primary schools. Our recruitment is a multi-step process involving participation from teachers, students and their families. (During the initial home visits our Executive Director collects data to identify whether a household is living below the poverty line with the Poverty Probability Index (PPI).)


During primary school these girls’ education was threatened by a lack of money for school fees because their families live in extreme poverty.  Each of our students has been supported in primary school by someone in their community -  a teacher, a neighbor, a village elder, an aunt or uncle, or a church member.

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Sponsorship Program


A TGFT sponsorship provides more than tuition at Tanzanian boarding secondary school, high school and university. It includes all school fees, textbooks, all required personal and school supplies, medical care as well as comprehensive support outside of the academic setting.

We sponsor students from 8 th grade through university with a comprehensive merit-based Sponsorship Program with

the goal of helping each of our students complete her education and reach her full potential. Bolstered by their education, these remarkable girls and young women are learning to make informed and healthy decisions which are transforming their lives in their communities.

Sponsorship Program

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The Girls Center


When school is not in session, the students reside at The Girls Center which is a safe girls’ youth center which offers access to relevant non-formal education and extra-curricular opportunities. We promote active engagement in acquiring critical life skills and a forum to discuss topics such as adolescent sexual health, peer pressure, appropriate social and ethical behavior and academic and personal goal setting strategies.


During our students’ academic journey, we provide programs to better prepare them to succeed in school, and to matriculate from secondary school to high school and  to university, including:

The Girls Centre
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