Age: 19

Birthday: November 30, 1999

Home: Njiro

School: Weruweru Secondary School, Form 6 (grade 13)

Form 2 National Exam Result:  5.00 GPA Distinction


Elizabeth, also called Eliza, stays in Njiro, an area on the outskirts of Arusha with her stepmother, a woman who has cared for her as her own and whom Eliza considers her true mother. She also stays with her two younger half-sisters who attend a government primary school in the area. Her father works as a hired farmer farming someone else’s land far from the house and is only able to visit occasionally. Her family could not afford her primary school fees, but, seeing how bright she is, the school allowed her to stay for free.


In the Girls’ Center Eliza is very talkative and a friend to everyone. Amiable and witty, she can often be found joking with the other girls. When she needs to be serious however, Eliza has an admirable amount of focus. Recently, she developed a plan to begin a community library and, during the June 2016 Leadership Workshop, gave a presentation on entrepreneurship to 35 other girls, using her library project as an example.


She enjoys mathematics and chemistry in school and aspires to be an engineer. No matter the career, with her charm and innovative imagination, she will surely thrive.