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Age:  18

Birthday: May 14, 2003

Home Place: Mto wa mbu

School: Wari High School, Form 5 (grade 12)



Eunice is steadfast and focused on her studies. In July 2021 she started at a new high school and has since been elected to participate in student government as Minister of Academics, which suits her strengths. Eunice appreciates belonging to the TGFT community and making friends with like-minded smart girls. She is a quiet introvert and always eager to participate in group activities. She is a thoughtful listener and will speak up when she’s determined to have her opinion heard.

Eunice lives alone with her mother. She is the youngest of three children and her older brothers are no longer living at home. Her mother is a primary school teacher, and her father is a pastor. When Eunice was 9 years old, her father left their family, and her mother left their community to pursue a safer life and better education for Eunice and her brothers.

During her Gap Year, Eunice taught Math at Intel Secondary School: she enjoyed making lesson plans and involving her students in discussions. Eunice wants to teach mathematics.

During her internship with Gongali Model Lab Eunice was intrigued by the design of their Nano filter system and how it filters unclean water with bacteria using bone char and sand. Interns helped with the water system as well as marketing and selling clean water at the market.

Eunice reported,

“I was so proud to market Gongali water because it is beneficial to people, environment and economy. All people of all incomes as low or high can afford purchasing water, also the water is so safe, and clean for use. When people drink their filtered water, it avoids water born diseases like typhoid, diarrhea and it avoids discoloring of the teeth. The water is good for the environment because it avoids environmental pollution as people recycle bottles by refilling them with water.”

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