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Age: 19

Birthday: September 10, 2002

Home: Arusha

School: Weru Weru High School, Form 6 (grade 13)


Esther is excelling in high school: she’s ranked in the top 10 of her class. Once a month these students are invited to eat with their teachers, which she enjoys. She is the second in her family to graduate from secondary school. Esther seems quite shy and timid however once she opens up, she will ask plenty of questions and eagerly offer up her own stories to compare, delivered with a wide smile.


She works hard to understand and master concepts that challenge her. During her Gap Year she enjoyed teaching commerce, book-keeping and history to Form 2 (9th grade) students at Intel Secondary School.


During the Covid-19 Enrichment Program Esther wrote, “During my stay at The Girls Center I was able to learn how to conduct an international debate. We were practicing every Tuesday. This made us to be more confident, improve our English skills and also how to argue by giving concrete points in the debate.”

She is curious and loves to read in her free time. Esther is studying economics, commerce and accounting: she aspires to be an auditor.

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