Age: 17

Birthday: September 10, 2002

Home: Arusha

School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 4 (grade 11)


Esther lives with her parents and three siblings in Njiro, an area bordering Arusha. In addition, she has three older siblings who have already left the house, making her the fifth of seven children.  Her father is a handyman, and her mother sells cooking oil. Esther has a close, loving relationship with her parents, so much so that she suffered an extreme bout of homesickness her first semester at Henry Gogarty.


Esther comes off as quite shy and timid but is actually quite talkative once she feels comfortable. And, despite her timid demeanor, she has a thick skin and will work hard to understand and master concepts that challenge her. Once she opens up, she will ask plenty of questions and eagerly offer up her own stories to compare, delivered with a wide smile. She is curious and loves to read in her free time. Esther’s favorite subjects in school are history and civics and she aspires to be a lawyer in order to advocate for woman and children’s rights.