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Enrichment Programs and Leadership Workshops

After School

45 Students

TGFT Guardians:
33 Parents 
& Guardians

Enrichment Program and Leadership Workshops

The Enrichment Program (EP) is a 3-week program conducted at The Girls Center twice a year during the long school vacations in June and December.


EP is intended to foster a love of learning and to emphasize the critical thinking skills and creativity that tend to be underdeveloped in the lecture-centered, rote memorization and test-based approach typical of the Tanzanian curriculum. We focus on English language skills, life skills, and personal counseling with our Director. Equally as successful is the interaction they experience while supporting each other as a team. The Enrichment Program is now the core of our programming.


TGFT provides tuition classes, computer skills and practice, healthy living education focused on HIV/AIDS, early pregnancy prevention, personal hygiene, and self-defense training. Since we’ve introduced an adolescent and reproductive and sexual health seminar our girls have learned how HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy can be prevented.


We firmly believe that these non-academic skill-building programs are a crucial complement to our investment in the girls’ formal education. Our goal is not limited to providing education in a school setting. Essential to the spirit of TGFT is to motivate the girls to develop from promising primary school graduates into women who are employed and able to be independent and engaged positively in their communities.

Leadership Workshops

During each EP our students participate in an intensive 5-day Leadership Workshop. In order to impact a larger number of girls, we also invite students from local schools to participate.


We invite presenters from other organizations to conduct seminars on topics such as sexual and reproductive health, financial literacy and basic accounting, public speaking, the environment, and climate change.


Students engage in debates, brainstorming, speaking up in a group, role playing and mapping their futures. These skills are learned in the context of subject matter often ignored in a formal Tanzanian school setting.

Gap Year Program