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Age: 23

Birthday: December 8, 1998

Home: Arusha

School: Institute of Finance & Management, Insurance & Risk Management, 3rd year 


Beatrice’s home is in the Sakina neighborhood of Arusha, a ways up the road from The Girls Center. She lives there with her mother and her three younger sisters. Through the kindness of her primary school headmistress, Beatrice’s mother was able to pay reduced primary school fees in installments over a longer period of time. When Beatrice had finished her primary education her mother was still paying off installments with the money she earns as a cook for Trichem, a chemical company.


At The Girls Center Beatrice is assertive and popular. She is a natural leader and deftly organizes others to accomplish any task. When called to speak she is articulate and in debates she can be quite invested, leading and coordinating her team. She loves fashion and clothing design and will be the first to comment on someone’s new outfit or hairstyle. In the future she plans to be a fashion designer and/or a businesswoman. 

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