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Age: 22

Birthday: April 13, 1999

Home: Arusha

School: Machame Medical College, Clinical Medicine, 3rd year


Dorcas has always wanted to study medicine. She is the first in her family to graduate from high school and to attend university. She’s outgoing and always sees her glass half full. Dorcas lives with her 2 brothers, her mother who is a water pump operator and father, a blacksmith. 

Dorcas has interned at Total Care Clinic on 3 different occasions, most recently in September 2021. Dorcas continues to add to her medical knowledge and skill set. She can identify the signs and symptoms of different types of epilepsy and treatments and knows how to read chest X-rays. She often assisted in surgeries in the operating room: once, she was a runner during an appendectomy. During her second year in med school, she delivered her fist baby for a young mother-a healthy boy!

During her Gap Year while interning at Maternity Africa, she learned the value of teamwork to provide safe deliveries. She was also assigned to the fistula ward where she interviewed patients, translated, and transcribed their stories.


Dorcas is a strong leader who is always willing to pitch in. She serves as Minister of Discipline and Law Constitution at Machame Medical College. Her optimism, and steadfastness are recognized by her mentors and peers.

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