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Age: 22

Birthday: November 10, 1999

Home: Mkuu-Rombo

School: Mwenge Catholic University, Sociology & Social Work,

2nd year


Ewaldina is a natural introvert and is surprisingly competitive and has nerves of steel. She’s the first in her family to graduate from high school and to attend university. During high school Ewaldina and her brother lost their mother to cancer.


After her high school graduation Ewaldina was recruited by the Tanzanian National Army for a 3-month training at Tabora Camp. There were many challenges however she learned, “to be more tolerant to everyone, courageous, to love my country and become strong in every situation I face.”

During her internship at Mt. Meru Hospital in March 2021, Ewaldina worked in the Reproductive Health Department assisting counselors. Ewaldina learned interview techniques. During these interviews she collected confidential patient histories and learned how to code information for hospital records.

Students studying social work participate in 2 field work assignments a year. Due to the pandemic Mt. Meru Hospital didn’t accept university student interns so Ewaldina interned at The Girls Center in September 2021. Ewaldina was instrumental in designing and conducting student questionnaires for the primary school students enrolled in our AfterSchool Program. Ewaldina likes working with children and has a knack for gaining their trust and friendship. Also, she supervised our Pre-Form One Residency at The Girls Center teaching students English, Math, computer skills, time management and study skills.


Ewaldina now serves as a Class Representative for the student government at Mwenge Catholic University. As she gains more experience in counseling, her empathy will shine.

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