Age: 19

Birthday: November 10, 1999

Home: Mkuu-Rombo

School: Weruweru Secondary School, Form 6 (grade 13)

Form 2 National Exam Results:  4.95 GPA Distinction


Ewaldina is from Rombo, a district on the opposite side of Mount Kilimanjaro from Arusha, bordering Kenya. She has one younger brother and the two of them stay with their mother, a maternity ward assistant. Ewaldina has never met her father and is unsure if he is still alive. The family keeps animals and when Ewaldina is home she has a timetable of animal-tending chores to complete each day, including feeding the animals and washing the animal pens.


Ewaldina is generally reserved and observant, constantly watching and learning. She can usually be found reading a novel or studying, and she is perfectly alright with staying alone while the others do something else.  Although, if she is in the mood, when the others are playing a game she will not hesitate to jump in. Ewaldina particularly likes playing sports, board games, and cards and can be surprisingly competitive in games. She also loves dancing and when she feels comfortable enough to join in, she is probably the best dancer of the group, moving with the beat in a way that one can only be envious of. In school, she enjoys science subjects and aspires to be a doctor