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Educating a Girl Changes Everyone - Herself, Her Teachers, Her Family, Her Peers and the Next Genera

Happy, her parents and baby

Happy, her parents and baby

We are now sponsoring 3 new TGFT girls who graduated in the top of their class from primary school (7th grade). We visited 20 primary schools and invited 72 candidates to participate in our competitive selection process for our Sponsorship Program. During our home visits we learned about their family's profound challenges and aspirations for their daughters' education.

Happy is the oldest of 4 children. Her father sells fruit in the market, while her mother stays home to care for her young children: one of whom is disabled.

Happy and her Mother

Nasma is one of 7 children. Her parents grow tomatoes to sell in the market. Three of Nasma's sisters married before finishing primary school.

Estahappy and TGFT university students visit Nasma's home. Far right is Nasma standing next to Estahappy.

Janeth lives with her father and brother. During primary school the headmistress paid for Janeth's and her brother's school fees while their father helped at the school with his masonry skills.

Janeth with her father and brother and with TGFT university students.

Janeth is ready for secondary school!

Happy, Janeth and Nasma are eager and motivated to excel at Henry Gogarty School where they have joined our other TGFT students.

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