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We Mentor Differently

TGFT girls are excelling in school: during their long school holidays they study in groups and learn leadership skills at The Girls Center. We believe girls need more than a scholarship, they need a tight-knit community of like-minded girls and mentors.

Many girls and young women struggle to believe in themselves and mentors can help bring out the ‘shining star’ in them. During our trainings, girls practice being assertive. Estahappy and our Program Officer, Pascalina are demanding mentors, bold coaches, and enthusiastic cheerleaders for our students.

Pascalina and Estahappy

Our volunteer Freddy, s semi-professional football player, keeps our girls in shape

Estahappy trains TGFT girls in a comprehensive sex education in order for them to become passionate peer advocates. As a coach with Coaches across Continents, Estahappy uses sports games to engage students (girls and boys) in learning how to make informed choices about their health.

Boys ask lots of questions because they want to share their new knowledge with their sisters.

Lydia, Peer Advocate at Karatu Boys High School

This month our Peer Advocates trained 1,800 girls and boys on puberty, HIV/AIDS and sexual health at 5 local secondary and high schools. Certain taboos and myths are broken down, discussed and explored together.

TGFT community is making a difference ensuring that the future for girls and young women is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.


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