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Striving to Make Ourselves Stronger

Girls with self-defense trainers

We jumpstarted 2021 with hope and determination!

  • TGFT staff and students spoke at Kiranyi Secondary School for Welcome New Students Day. Our students motivated 1,800 students by sharing tips on their best study habits and how to manage their time to succeed in school. Our students may have been scared to speak up in front of so many students, but they were having fun!

  • TGFT students started a new academic year with a spring in their steps. All students scored in the top division in their National Exams. Two students had ‘perfect scores’!

  • We hired Pascalina to join our team as Program Officer. She’s a recent TGFT alumna: in December, she graduated from The Institute of Accountancy Arusha. She’s a passionate advocate for girls’ education, a dynamic mentor and a whiz with numbers.

2020 was different than we expected in so many ways, however one thing that still holds true is that our friends continue to believe in supporting girls’ education. Thank you all for equipping girls with the tools they need to thrive! With our good wishes for your good health in 2021!


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