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Girls' Voices Have A Big Impact

To mark this International Day of the Girl, we advocate for an equal future for girls by empowering TGFT students with skills, mentors and a community of their peers.

If education is every girl’s best hope for her future, what is essential for girls whose education isn’t a guarantee?

A scholarship and a safe place to learn.

  • We provide scholarships for high-achieving girls from underserved communities from 8th grade through university.

  • TGFT students reside at The Girls Center during long school holidays where they study and participate in leadership skills trainings. During the pandemic when schools closed, TGFT students lived and studied together for 3 + months at The Girls Center until schools reopened.

  • TGFT students train their peers in sexual reproductive health, which includes: HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and unexpected pregnancies. Partnering with Coaches Across Continents, TGFT students conduct trainings using sport games outside the classroom.

  • In 2019 during trainings, they reached 7,740 students-both girls and boys- and in 2020, they’ve reached 2,683 youth.

Laurine trains students at Kiranyi Secondary School, February 2020

TGFT students are emerging as change-makers in local schools in our community. Today, The Girls Foundation of Tanzania joins the movement of allies and advocates who recognize girls’ voices in the call for an equal future.

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