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An Update About COVID-19 To All Friends and Members Of Our Community

As of March 16th, the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Arusha, the town where our Girls Center is located and where our students, staff and community members live. The government has acted immediately by announcing a 30-day closure of all public and private schools.

We are concerned the number of cases will rapidly grow in countries like Tanzania with weak health systems. Vulnerable populations can become even more at risk. In these uncertain times, we will need to pursue our mission with more energy than ever as we navigate through this pandemic.

Social distancing will be particularly challenging in overcrowded cities like Arusha where many of our students live. 15 of our students have chosen to shelter-in-place at The Girls Center with our staff. Estahappy and our staff have made this extraordinary commitment to continue to serve our students.

To help keep our students academically active, our students are continuing their studies at The Girls Center. They’ve set up a daily schedule of activities and each student has taken on different responsibilities.

We are grateful for all of your support and wish you and your loved ones health and safety during these difficult conditions.

Take care and stay strong.

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