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"We Need To Talk About Sex"

In her TEDX Talk "We need to Talk About Sex", our Director Estahappy challenges her community to start discussions with girls and boys about puberty and sexual health. (Click here to watch Estahappy's TEDX Talk). In her trainings with youth these discussions end up exploring what is safe sex.

Estahappy demonstrates how to use a condom properly at Babson Entrepreneurship Leadership Academy.

As the mentor for TGFT students, Estahappy shares the lessons she's learned growing up in a large family with 14 siblings, pursuing her educational and professional path, and earning her Masters in Gender Studies. Her strong work ethic, empathy and 'tough love' approach engages and motivates our students to develop strong leadership skills.

Training at Kiranyi Secondary School

As a coach with Coaches Across Continents Estahappy has set up health clubs for 400 students at Henry Gogarty Girls School and for 450 students at Kiranyi Secondary. She's trained TGFT students to lead trainings in CAC's 'purposeful play' curriculum combining sports games with sex education. (Click here for Coaches Across Continents)

TGFT students trains at Kiranyi Secondary School

Estahappy knows what matters most. When girls are supported and given a chance to flourish, they are energized to dive into new experiences, to speak up and participate as team players, while 'passing it forward'.

International Women's Day is a time to highlight the girls and women who are creating a more gender equal world, where girls respect themselves and boys respect girls.

In 2019 TGFT staff and students impacted over 7,700 youth through our Community Outreach Programs. Estahappy's calm leadership, charisma, dynamic energy and passion are the heart of our momentum and achievements!

TGFT girls coaches relaxing after a three hour training

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