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Purposeful Play at The Girls Center

During the June school break, TGFT girls engaged in workshops, trainings, and games while learning about leadership, sexual and reproductive health, self-defense, menstrual hygiene and fire safety.

In June our Director Estahappy participated in a 3-day training with PathFinder International

and Coaches Across Continents. CAC designs and implements Purposeful Play Outside the Classroom while Pathfinder International is committed to providing accurate and unbiased sexual and reproductive health care to youth.

Estahappy introduced us to games that brought out our competitive spirits. We played a version of tag where 3 people were designated as gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis and your team had to protect your team mates from getting ‘tagged’and becoming infected with a STI!

A TGFT friend, Josh, a fireman with the South Portland Fire Department recommended several lesson plans for us on fire safety. We drew floor plans of The Girls Center and the girls drew floor plans of their homes. A policewoman and a fireman from the Arusha Fire Department provided a training on how to respond to a fire and how to use an extinguisher.

Kate, District Commissioner of WAGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Scouts) shared information about the Girls Scouts: we hope to form our own troop in the next couple of months. She also inspired us with her re-usable menstrual pad kits!

Providing better information, TGFT girls are rethinking their assumptions: they believe that a different future is possible and together they can be part of building it.

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