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TGFT Launches our new website with Our Annual Appeal Campaign!

TGFT’s new website highlights our students’ achievements, our growth and our programs!

Dorcas and Estahappy

We encourage TGFT girls to speak up every day in school and volunteer in their community with dedication, focus, curiosity, gratitude and with their very best selves.

Happy volunteers in our After-School Program

Mary teaches science at a local high school

We can’t imagine a world without volunteers who jump in, stand up, and give their time to help. We feel lucky to have Jennifer Rook Smith volunteer and design our new website. Jen is a talented web designer who has dedicated many, many hours to give us a fresh, new look.

Ester Alexander and Upendo Johnson Kiwango at The Girls Center

Farida Khatibu

Many Americans and Tanzanians volunteer to help us provide promising girls and young women a quality education they deserve. Many thanks go to our Tanzanian Board members-Farida Khatibu; Esther Alexander, Member of Parliament; Johnson Kiwango; and Estahappy Mariki, our Executive Director who advocate and mentor TGFT girls!

Thank you for your interest and support of our work providing a quality education for promising girls!

Tanzanian Board members: Estahappy, Nano, Ester, Johnson, and Farida


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