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Dorcas, Estahappy and Beatrice

Congratulations to Beatrice and Dorcas who graduated from Nganza High School in April. They were among a graduating class of 500. Beatrice and Dorcas are the first in their family to graduate from high school: their families traveled far to celebrate this remarkable achievement together.

Mama Dorcas, Dorcas and Estahappy

Dorcas is our IT expert at The Girls Center. She wants to become a doctor, or a lab technician or a pharmacist. Dorcas has two siblings. Her father is a welder and built their home 13 years ago. Mama Dorcas has worked for 20 years as a pump operator for Awusa, a municipal water supply company.

Mama Dorcas, Dorcas, Mama Beatrice and Beatrice

Beatrice wants to be a business woman, a social worker or an accountant. Beatrice has always been interested in fashion and has a natural and stylish flair. She lives with her mother and her 3 younger sisters. Mama Beatrice owns her own home, which was given to her by Beatrice’s father. She has worked for 24 years as an office assistant for Seed Co, a certified seed company.

Graduation Day

After Beatrice and Dorcas sit for their Form 6 National Exams in May, they will return to The Girls Center to intern at a local hospital and business. They will also enroll in our Next Steps Program which is a college guidance program to introduce them to the application process.

Dorcas and Beatrice in 8th grade

Beatrice and Dorcas have been best friends since primary school. They both attended Intel Primary which was founded by our Tanzanian Board member, Madame Ester Alexander who is now serving in Tanzania’s parliament.

Beatrice and Dorcas, photo by Paul Joy

We are proud of Beatrice and Dorcas for their tenacity and hard work in high school. An inspiring and happy moment for all of us!

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