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Investing in Girls' Education Today Changes Their Futures

Mariam graduated from the Institute of Financial Management in Dar es Salaam on November 30. During her school vacations she completed 5 internships at two different banks and at a financial service company.

Executive Director Estahappy and Mariam

Three days after her graduation, Mariam started an internship at Akiba Commercial Bank. She hopes after this 3- month internship, she will be offered a job at the bank.

Mariam stands out among her peers due to her intelligent, reliable and ambitious performance as an intern. Mariam is a role model for our younger students who aspire to become businesswomen, accountants, lawyers, tour guides, nurses and doctors.

In Tanzania, there are at least 800,000 graduates hunting for jobs annually. Many end up unemployed and others fail to do what they were trained to do. Because of the uncertainty of the job market, Mariam’s university graduation and internship are remarkable achievements.

We hope all TGFT students will develop their full potential with our support and yours! Thank you for investing in TGFT girls!

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