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Taking the Next Steps

In May TGFT conducted our Next Steps Admissions Workshop for high school graduates to provide information on how to apply to university. The students recently graduated from Orkeeswa Secondary, Mariado Secondary, Ifunda Secondary, and Mpanda Girls Secondary.

They radiated intelligence, energy, talent and purpose, however the students knew very little about the requirements and challenges in applying to and attending university. Applying to university in Tanzania is a multi-step online process. None of these students had active personal email accounts. During the workshop, all assignments were sent by email for practice on sending/receiving emails.

Without role models who attended university or any guidance counseling at high school, it is a great mystery for these students what the potential expenses will be and what to study for future marketable skills. For example, none of the students understood that a government student loan is NOT free. We set up several telephone conversations with current university students who shared their own experiences and hardships at university. We also initiated a WhatsApp group for the students to support one another and to find solutions. TGFT’s Next Steps Admission Workshop provided information and encouragement and identified strategies for success for the next generation of teachers, business women, lawyers, journalists, pharmacists, lab technicians and nurses in Tanzania.

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