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Who Inspires You On Women's Day?

Estahappy is making the world better, brighter and bolder for all of us at The Girls Center. Her wit and candor and gentleness and wisdom is part of her charm. She smiles often, makes friends easily and lights up the room.

She cares deeply about her community and the importance of education. She has identified and is mentoring:

  • Smart, deserving girls who we are sponsoring in secondary and high school and university

  • 8- 10 year olds who want tutoring in Math and English after school at our Little Library

  • High school graduates who need information on how to apply and plan for college and university

  • Ambitious women who are starting small businesses, earning and saving money to pay for their children’s school fees

As our Director of The Girls Foundation of Tanzania, Estahappy’s willingness to serve those in need sends a message of hope. She inspires us to learn new ideas, work together as a team, and to ask each other “What does your future look like?” “How will you get there?” “How can we help?”

Thank you Estahappy for bringing all of us together and for dedicating your energy to solving problems for others!

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