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Girls Learn New Skills For Their Future Financial and Health Decisions

Thirty-eight secondary and high school students participated in our 5th Leadership Workshop and learned about how banks work. Most students thought that only rich people save their money in banks. Students asked how ATM’s work and if you communicate with an ATM by writing it a letter. They wanted to know why banks are only in cities, and not in villages.

Students performed skits as a ‘saver’, a ‘borrower’ and ‘a bank’ to introduce the concept of ‘capital’, how banks make money, and the obligations of student university loans.

They brainstormed expenses for a year of education for a secondary school student, a high school student, and a university student.

They reviewed their budgets to identify what a ‘want’ is and a ‘need’ in order to reduce a deficit.

They reviewed their budgets to identify what a ‘want’ is and a ‘need’ in order to reduce a deficit. They debated passionately about the benefits of spending NOW or saving for the UNEXPECTED or saving for the FUTURE.

During the Leadership workshop the students continued our self-defense training sessions to develop a plan to avoid harassment in the streets.

The students reviewed menstrual hygiene and designed pocket calendars to keep track of their cycle and discussed how sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted. The students developed new planning skills and how to protect themselves from STI’s and learned the basics of money and its impact; all of which will give them independence in their future financial and health decisions.

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