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Happy Mother's Day!

Dorcas and her mother

Dorcas and her Mother

Dorcas’s mother has always encouraged Dorcas to dream bigger. We are encouraging her too by answering her real questions so she can make informed decisions about her future and become the leader she’s meant to be.

When Dorcas first arrived at the Girls Center she burst into our lives like a puppy-rambunctious, funny and squeezable.

Dorcas at home, age 14

Now at 17 and in 10th grade, Dorcas is a member of the business club at school and wants to become a businesswoman. She has learned about personal hygiene, adolescent sexual and reproductive health, self-defense and entrepreneurial skills during our Enrichment Programs at the Girls Center.

Someday Dorcas wants to become a mother and is confident she will choose when and who to marry, and how many children she wants. But first, Dorcas wants to finish high school, attend college, find a job so she can support herself, help her family and give back to her girls’ community.

On Mother’s Day we honor mothers around the world who inspire their daughters to dream bigger and to develop their potential!

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