On International Women's Day We Celebrate a Role Model

In January, Faith Khumalo, currently a senior at Smith College, volunteered with us at The Girls Center. She grew up in Zimbabwe and understands the challenges our girls face in boarding school and at home. She instantly connected to the girls like an older sister.

Faith worked closely with the students to improve their computer and English skills and tutored one student who now "gets" mathematical induction! FAith shared her strategies on how to handle academic pressure and competition and the importance of goal setting and how to set realistic goals for yourself.

She trained the computer teachers at Henry Gogarty Girls Secondary School with a computer program called Raspberry Pi, which is a digital library that supplies its own wireless network that computers connect to as if it were Wifi. Faith synced their syllabi for math, chemistry, physics and biology, which enabled teachers to learn new ways of teaching and for students to review materials covered in class. Faith inspired everyone she met in Tanzania with her joyfulness, curiosity, kindness and ambition!

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