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Thank You For Your Great Generosity!

Happy New Year from all of us at TGFT!

2018 has been our best year yet.

We’re inspired by TGFT girls and how engaged they are with one another when they’re at The Girls Center.

When our university students visited us, the girls wanted to know what were their biggest challenges and what they ate at university.

Two of our university students saved their money-- by limiting their diet to bananas—in order to purchase laptops (about $300). They advised our younger students, ‘Plan to bring your brain to university. And plan to use it!’

During our fieldtrip to Maternity Africa hospital we learned that midwives deliver babies unless a cesarean is needed. Each staff member shared their educational path, what their responsibilities were, and how essential team work is. Many TGFT students aspire to become doctors and are now learning there are many different careers they can pursue in the health field.

During the December Enrichment Program we continued to practice our self-defense skills, tutor primary school students in our After-School Program, and study.

After-School Program

Practicing during self-defense class

We know firsthand how much education transforms a girl’s future.

With your generosity, in 2019, TGFT will continue to inspire girls to realize their power, pursue their interests and passions, and aspire to a world full of possibilities.

Thank you for helping us empower TGFT girls!

Best wishes from all of us for 2019!

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