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Back To School: Our Students Cant Wait To Learn!

Our girls are excited and proud to be attending school as TGFT students equipped with all their school supplies for the new academic year. We are now sponsoring 3 new promising academic and vulnerable girls who are beginning 8th grade in boarding school.

In December, we visited Happy’s home where she lives with her father, stepmother and 4 siblings in one room. She wants to be a doctor, or an engineer, or a pilot. For 14 year old Happy---the sky is the limit!

We also visited Melanie’s home place. Melanie, the youngest of 7 siblings, lives with her parents and siblings in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Melanie starts 10th grade and has been consistently ranked the #1 top student in her class of 118 students.

During our December Leadership Workshop at The Girls Center we invited students from other schools to participate. 24 girls learned communication and self-awareness skills: identifying what influences our feelings and our emotions; unhelpful thinking styles, and strategies on handling stress, sadness and anxiety.

A big thank you to the law firm Verrill Dana of Portland, Maine for their donation of 8 laptops to The Girls Center. Our students love the challenges of the Mavis Beacon Typing Program.

We thank all our generous donors in 2016- we couldn’t do our work without your support! We will continue in this New Year to provide our students with a high-quality education in and out of school, the resources and emotional support they need to excel and be positive role models in school, at home and at The Girls Center.

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