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Age: 17

Birthday: September 15, 2004

Home: Kisongo, Arusha

School: St. Mary’s Mazinde Juu Secondary, Form 5 (grade 12)


Pauline is a curious learner and focuses with intensity at a given task. She may seem shy in large groups; however, she will share her thoughtful opinions at the right moment.


Pauline lives with her two sisters and her parents in a 2-room home, recently left to them by her grandfather. Her mother is a seamstress at a local shop and her father is an electrician at Yakini Primary School.  When Pauline’s parents had difficulties paying for Pauline’s school fees during primary school Pauline was sent home frequently from her classes and her family often skipped meals. When her father offered to provide electrical work for the Yakini Primary School in exchange for half her school fees, the headmaster recognized Pauline’s potential and offered to help cover the rest of the fees.


While studying at Henry Gogarty Girls School, Pauline served as a group leader in student government. She takes on responsibilities earnestly and is an enthusiastic team player.

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