Age: 16

Birthday: September 15, 2004

Home: Sanyajuu

School: Henry Gogarty Girls Secondary, Form 4 (grade 11)


Diana is intelligent, enthusiastic and curious. When you speak with her, she smiles and giggles. Her English is fluent and she is a strong writer. She’s often the first girl to volunteer to help at The Girls Center. Although she seems reserved in a large group, when she is talking with you, she warms up and can’t stop talking, asking questions and smiling. She was among the top students at her primary school and ranks in the top 8% of her class at Henry Gogarty where she sings in the school choir. Her favorite subjects are biology, chemistry and English. Her ambition is to become a doctor.


Diana is one of four children. Her parents live in a rural area where there are no government primary schools to walk to, so her parents sent Diana and her two sisters to live with another family closer to a primary school. Diana’s guardians, Mr. Shirima and Mrs. Augustina are farmers and have a small business at home. They paid for Diana’s school fees during primary school and in exchange, Diana helped with the chores at their house.

During the 3-month COVID-19 Enrichment Program, Diana joined the Business Club an earned a certificate in a Social Entrepreneurship course.

Diana also reflected about what she learned during COVID-19 Enrichment Program: "Estahappy taught me Sexual Reproductive Health Education through different games like the game of "Myth and Facts". Also, she based on topics concerning the corona pandemic, whereby it was one of the best ways of understanding and exercising too. So personally, I learned that you can teach someone by the means of sports and games as one of the ways of making a person active and participative."

For the year 2020/2021 Diana is elected as school academic leader who also emphasize all students into doing their preparations for studies well. She is also a religion church leader motivating students into attending church as per schedule.