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Age: 17

Birthday: September 15, 2004

Home: Sanyajuu

School: Tabora Girls School, Form 5 (grade 12)


Diana is curiously intelligent. An excellent and ambitious student, she served as Minister of Preparation & Coordination in student government. At her graduation in December 2021 from Henry Gogarty Secondary School, she was awarded the school’s leadership award. On the recent government Form 4 National Examinations, Diana scored a perfect score- Division One, 7 points (out of 5 divisions) and had 7 A’s.

In January 2022 Diana was awarded a micro-grant from MIT (Massachusetts Institute for Technology) for their Solv(ED) Youth Innovation Challenge for her proposal to collect and compost food waste from local farmers’ markets. During her Gap Year, Diana and the other Gap Girls will implement her plan at a local market.


Diana is one of 4 children. Her parents live in a rural area where there are no government primary schools to walk to, so her parents sent Diana to live with another family closer to a primary school. They paid for Diana’s school fees during primary school in exchange, Diana helped with the chores at their house and farm.


During the 3-month COVID-19 Enrichment Program, when all students were in lock down at The Girls Center. Diana reflected about what she learned: “Estahappy based games on topics concerning the corona pandemic, which was one of the best ways of understanding. I learned that you could teach someone by the means of sports and games as one of the ways of making a person active and participative.”

Also, Diana joined the Business Club and earned a master’s level certificate in a social entrepreneurship course.

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