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Age: 14

Birthday: January 26, 2008

Home: Uswahilini, Arusha

School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 1 (grade 8)


Iptsam is always smiling. In primary school she was ranked #3 in her class. She excels in science and math. She likes learning and practicing new ideas. When she arrived at The Girls Center, she was introduced to jigsaw puzzles, and is obsessed with putting them together at The Girls Center.

Iptsam lives with her older sister and her mother in one room. As a single mother, Iptsam's mother struggles to support her daughters. She sells fried fish outside her home. When Iptsam's father left her mother, Iptsam was 8 years old. Iptsam's mother was determined to provide a quality education for her daughters and found good Samaritans who supported both her daughters' education at Good Will Primary School.

Iptsam wants to study to become a doctor to uplift other girls' and mothers' lives. She wants to educate people in her community about hygiene and malaria. Iptsam's Plan B is to become a teacher.

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