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Age: 16

Birthday: August 7, 2005

Home: Kilimanjaro-Sanya Station Kia

School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 1 (grade 8)


Florah lives with her large Maasai family in a family compound which includes her father, his 4 wives and their 21 children. Her parents own cows and goats, and her mother is a cleaner in a small clinic. They don't have electricity and they fetch water from a well near their home.

When Flora was studying at the O'Brien School for Maasai, one of her brothers wanted her to marry so she lived with one of the teachers at school to complete her primary school education. Her parents were unable to pay for school fees for most of her sisters, many who married early at 16 years old.

During primary school, Florah was ranked as the 3rd top student. She is ambitious and eager to learn about different career possibilities as she wants to solve problems in her community. She is committed to breaking the common barrier of girls in the Maasai community who don't have opportunities to continue their education and are forced into early marriages.

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