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Age: 16

Birthday: August 18, 2006

Home: Kilimanjaro-Sanya Station

School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 1 (grade 8)


Nasila's parents are Maasai pastoralists: her father owns a few cows, and her mother sells firewood. Nasila is one of 14 children, and her mother is her father's second wife. Her family and siblings live in a two-room house without electricity. They fetch water from a well near their home. Because of their large family, her parents couldn't afford to send Nasila to primary school. The O'Brien School for Maasai provided Nasila with a scholarship. Nasila was the school President and ranked 5th in her graduating class. 

Nasila is positive, inquisitive, and energetic. She likes to ask for advice from our older students to learn more about their classes, studies, and future careers.

Since there is no permanent road to her village, Nasila wants to become a civil engineer to design and maintain roads in her community. She wants to inspire all Maasai girls to continue their education and avoid the norm of an early marriage.

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