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Age: 14

Birthday: February 3, 2008

Home: Mlangarini, Arusha

School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 1 (grade 8)


Clara is quiet however when she bursts out laughing, we can't help but join her. She processes information quickly and intuitively. She gives positive feedback to her fellow students about their interactions. She'll give her impressions on how well a group activity went and how they can boost their communication skills. She likes to help in the kitchen at The Girls Center sharing her cooking skills with her fellow students.

Clara lives with her parents who have 5 children. Her father is a cleaner at Nalopa Primary School, where Clara was sponsored during primary school and her mother washes laundry for other people. Their home has electricity but no running water: they walk a long distance to fetch water.

Clara loves science and wants to be a doctor or an economist.

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