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Age: 16

Birthday: February 11, 2006

Home Place: Sakina

School: Henry Gogarty Secondary School, Form 3 (Grade 10)


Janeth is quiet and diligent. She and her older brother live with their father in a small house with 3 rooms. Her father is a mason who finds work when he can. When Janeth was 7 years old, her mother divorced her father and left their children with their father.


During primary school Janeth was the top student in her class and the Head Teacher recognized both her and her brother’s potential and paid for their school fees during primary school.  


Janeth is the top student out of 146 students in her class at Henry Gogarty School. Janeth’s favorite subject is Math: she’s an awesome singer and energetic dancer. She wants to become a doctor, accountant or engineer. She says, “I like being an example to other people.”

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