Age: 19

Birthday: May 25, 2000

Home: Mt. Kilimanjaro

School: Cornerstone Leadership Academy, Form 5 (grade 12)


Melanie is the youngest of seven children: she lives with her parents who are farmers in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Melanie is attentive and inquisitive, making the most of any educational opportunity that comes her way, always asking questions to know more and more. At The Girls Center she is often found studying by herself or tutoring younger students.


Extremely poised and mature, Melanie is determined to succeed. With this determination Melanie approaches life with an unparalleled focus far beyond her years. She graduated from secondary school as the top student of her class.


During her Gap Year at The Girls Center she was trained as an advocate in sexual and reproductive health. Along with the other Gap Girls, Melanie conducted Peer-to-Peer trainings at 7 schools, reaching 3,111 students with an equal ratio of girls : boys. Melanie is now the leader on sexual and reproductive health at her high school. Melanie was also recognized by the Malala Fund Organization as one of the top 5 menstruation activists who are championing menstrual management in their communities.  Her essay was published on their online magazine, Assembly, written by girls for girls. See her essay here.