Age: 26

Birthday: January 2, 1994

Home: Samme
School: Mwenge Catholic University, Moshi, 3rd year student


Fin comes from a rural village in the Same (sah-meh) district of Tanzania, where she lives with her mother, a farmer of maize and beans. Her father died when she was young and Fin remembers almost nothing about him. Fin’s mother suffers from asthema attacks, so when Fin is at home she spends most of her time helping with the house chores—cooking, gathering firewood, planting and harvesting crops, cleaning, and fetching buckets of water from the local tap.


At the Girls’ Center she is no less hard working. Often while the others are playing, chatting, or relaxing, Fin can be found helping Grace to mop the kitchen or sweep the rooms. This, in addition to her always-cheerful demeanor, make Fin a role-model to the younger girls.


In school, Fin studied Math, Physics, and Chemistry managing to get good grades despite a lack of teachers and books. Fin describes how she and her friend made a timetable together to learn from the textbook what the teacher did not cover. It paid off because she passed her A-level studies with division II grades qualifying her for university, which she will begin in the fall of 2016. She is studying to be a secondary school mathematics teacher, a profession that perfectly fits her kind, helpful spirit.