Age:  25
Birthday:  September 15, 1994
Home:  Kilimanjaro
School:  University at the Institute of Financial Management,

Dar es Salaam Graduate, 2018
Mariam is a gentle introvert who still enjoys being part of a group. Once she feels comfortable in a group setting she is talkative with peers and adults alike. Mariam has a serious demeanor and is methodical: when she smiles and laughs it’s like the sun breaking through the clouds. She manages her time purposefully and often wakes up early to study before breakfast.

When she was young, Mariam lost both her parents: her mother from malaria and her father in a car accident. Mariam and her 3 siblings then went to live with their aunt and uncle, until her uncle died. They then went to live with their grandfather who cared for eight of his grandchildren. Her grandfather tended a small farm to provide one meal a day for his many grandchildren.

Over the last several years, Mariam has interned three different times at a local community bank, Meru Community Bank in Usa River. She also interned for 3 months at Akiba Bank in Arusha where she was trained to open up customer accounts and to provide information to clients on solidarity loans. Mariam wants to become a banker or an accountant. She will be TGFT’s first student to graduate from university in November 2018.