Age: 21
Birthday: April 15, 1998 
Home: TEC Coffee Plantation, Karatu Town 
School: Institute of Accountancy Arusha, 2nd year student


Pascalina grew up in a village outside Karatu, a town about three hours from Arusha. Her father is a farmer on someone else’s farm and her mother stays at home keeping some small subsistence crops for the family. Pascalina attended primary school on a scholarship before becoming the youngest member of the first intake of TGFT girls.


A typical teenager, Pascalina enjoys hip hop music and dancing. Accordingly, at the center she can be found listening to music and softly singing along or leading the other girls in a new dance number she learned from a music video. However, when faced with a project or learning prospect that draws her in, she can focus with attention to detail and see it through to the end. With strangers, Pascalina is not one to shy away. Very charming and inquisitive, Pascalina is a natural conversationalist and will readily share information about herself and answer any questions. She has a way of winking sure to make anyone feel special.


Pascalina is currently in her last year of A-level studies, focusing on Economics, History, and Geography. She aspires to be a businessperson, where with her people skills, she will surely charm.