Age: 25

Birthday: July 24, 1994
Home: Moshi
School: Mwenge Catholic University, Moshi, Graduate


Mary is from a village called Mchame about 2 hours from Moshi. The second of six children, Mary is the first in her family to complete A-level study. Both her parents are maize farmers who completed only primary school, and the family lives together in a house without electricity or running water.


In the Girls’ Center Mary can often be found helping Grace alongside her best friend Finyuely. In the mornings Mary is often sweeping and arranging the sitting room while Fin cleans the kitchen in the next room, the two of them sharing music and laughter. Mary and Fin have been friends since they met in Form 1 and will often sit together in conversation laughing as they make up stories together. Mary is often quiet with strangers, but once she relaxes a bit you will find that she loves to laugh and make sarcastic jokes. Her humor is extremely witty and smart.


In her A-level studies Mary focused on Physics, Biology, and Chemistry subjects. She is fascinated by the human body and hopes to continue on to a future in the medical field.