Age: 16

Birthday: March 26, 2001

Home: Arusha

School: Kilakala Secondary School, Form 5 (grade 12)


Getrude is an only child. Her father died when she was three years old, and since her mother was unable to care for her, Getrude was first cared for by her grandparents in Malawi and later by her aunt in Arusha. She speaks very fondly of her aunt, who was the one who helped Getrude pay primary school fees, and Getrude now has a loving relationship with her mother as well. Her mother recently began working in a hair salon after spending years selling used clothes on the street. Nowadays she visits her mother in Dar Es Salaam during her school vacations, spending most of her time helping her grandmother while she is there.


At the Girls’ Center, Gertrude is very talkative, always sharing new facts she ’s learned or telling a joke to make the whole group laugh. She often enjoys being in the center of attention and will amuse everyone in doing so. In her free time, Gertrude can be very inquisitive, reading novels and asking questions that often require long, intellectual discussions to satisfy. She loves history and civics in school and is fascinated by the world systems.